Principal Investigator

Peter Ventre, MD

  • Founder, Research Centers of America and Ventre Medical Associates
  • Board Certified in Psychiatry by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Licensed to prescribe Controlled Substances and Suboxone

Dr. Ventre has built a strong reputation over the years within the research community as being a diligent and insightful investigator. With experience in more than 100 clinical trials, he ensures excellent patient care and thorough involvement in the research process.

Dr. Ventre’s completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Science from the University of Puerto Rico and continued his medical studies at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Caguas, Puerto Rico. He earned his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Santo Domingo and completed residencies at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Cabrini Medical Center for Internal Medicine and Psychiatry and completed his Psychiatry Residency at the University of Florida Psychiatry Program.

In addition to being the principal investigator at Research Centers of America, Dr. Ventre is owner of a one of Broward County’s largest group practices, Ventre Medical Associates (VMA). VMA is adjacent to the RCA offices and in working closely with the clinicians this provides a quality referral source for potential RCA research subjects. VMA is currently contracted with Broward Health, Broward County’s largest hospital system, to provide all psychiatric services for two of their largest hospitals: Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health Imperial Point. Dr. Ventre serves as Chief of Psychiatry at Broward Health Medical Center.

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